Transexual workshops funded by Spanish regional government, local media report

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Local authorities in southern Spain are financing for the first time a summer camp for youths aged 14 – 30 in which transsexuals have been formally invited to give talks.

The camp, which will take place from Sept. 11-15 at the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park, is one of the 17 camps funded by the regional government of Andalusia.

Five of them cover “social issues” and one of them has been now oriented for “transsexual children” and will include workshops by the Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía-Sylvia Rivera (Association of Transsexuals of Andalusia-Sylvia Rivera).

The camp has been organised by the Association in collaboration with the Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud (IAJ), an official body of the regional government.

Transsexual Mar Cambrolle Jurado, president of the Association of Transsexuals of Andalusia-Sylvia Rivera, told the daily ABC de Sevilla “the regional government (of Andalusia) accepted our proposal and they have been in charge of providing us with a bus, fifty accommodation places, meals, activities with two entertainers, two socio-educators for the talks and visits to the city.”

Deputy spokeswoman for VOX Ángela Mulas, who opposes the camp, wrote in a Twitter post that “what is necessary is to combat child poverty, for example. Those are the children who deserve camps that free them from real discrimination, which is poverty. We will not allow the money of the Andalusians to continue to be used for acts of lobbyists and ideologies.”


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