ACI Asia-Pacific condemns disruption at Hong Kong International Airport


CHINA (HONG KONG). ACI Asia-Pacific has issued a statement that “expresses our strong condemnation on the recent disruptions to airport operations at Hong Kong International Airport which have deprived passengers the right to travel”.

The statement was issued after two consecutive days where protesters closed the airport by blocking check-in desks and departures, following more than two months of civil unrest in Hong Kong.

“Since July, a number of public protests were staged at Hong Kong International Airport,” said the statement. “More recently, the protests on August 12 and 13 rendered significant disruptions to airport operations, including security risks and flight cancellations two days in a row.

“We stand in solidarity with our colleagues at Hong Kong International Airport and Airport Authority Hong Kong. The aviation industry is a close-knit community and together, we stand firm and united in bringing people together, ensuring the safety and security of the travelling public by offering a network of safe and secure airports.”

ACI Asia-Pacific is one of five regions of the Airports Council International, and based in Hong Kong.

The scene at the airport’s arrivals area yesterday (13 August); Picture: The Moodie Davitt Report

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