Zoo Animals Beat The Heat With Large Frozen Treats

Chicago News

CHICAGO (CBS) — If you think staying cool outside even with light clothing is hard, imaging having to wear a fur coat that you can’t take off?

(Credit: Kelly Tone/Chicago Zoological Society)

That’s the dilemma facing bears and tigers at the Brookfield Zoo, who are getting a break from the extreme heat with giant blocks of ice filled with their favorite treats.

“Some of the outdoor habitats like the reindeers have water misters so the animals can cool off. In addition, animals such as the bears and big cats are given access to their indoor quarters if they choose,” according to a zoo spokesperson.

(Credit: Kelly Tone/Chicago Zoological Society)

Whirl, an Amur tiger, got ice filled with chuck meat and bones. Meanwhile Axhi, one of the zoo’s grizzly bears, will enjoy a 300 pound block of ice as well as smaller pieces with fruit inside.

(Credit: Kelly Tone/Chicago Zoological Society)

A polar bear named Hudson also cooled off with a giant block of ice. But a sloth bear named Kartik took a liking  to cantaloupe, grapes, and blueberries encased in ice.

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