Marshall Brodien, Who Played ‘Wizzo’ on “The Bozo Show,” Has Died

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CHICAGO (CBS)–Wizzo The Wizard, Bozo the Clown’s beloved sidekick played by Marshall Brodien, has passed away at age 84, according to sources.

Brodien played Wizzo for 26 years on “The Bozo Show” until 1994.

A beloved resident of the suburb of Geneva, locals could easily spot Brodien’s car, which had “WIZ’ on the license plates.

The Geneva City Council honored him last year by naming July 10, Brodien’s birthday, as “Marshall Brodien Day.”

Brodien was best known for the magic tricks he performed on the show. In 1970, he created a magic card deck, the Svengali deck, which looks like a regular card deck but all the cards are identical.

His love for magic lived on after “The Bozo Show.”

He designed magic trick sets for kids and turned the basement of his Geneva home into a sort of magic museum, filled with mementos, games, magic tricks and costumes from his time on the show.

Brodien had Alzheimer’s disease at the end of his life. His wife, Mary Doyle, wrote a book, “Navigating Alzheimer’s12 Truths About Caring For Your Loved Ones,” according to Kane County Connects.

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