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Take it away. Our series “Real smart.” Prince Harry will need sleep. He has a baby coming. Take a listen. Okay, so the CDC recommends we all get seven hours of sleep every night. Raise your hand if you want to get better sleep and want to get more sleep? I dream — all the hands up. So I’ll show you a couple of apps that are top rated apps that are free. First one is calm. I love this app. It is so versatile but they have these bedtime stories, okay. If you have a hard time going to sleep or your child has a hard time going to sleep they have bedtime stories so let’s take a listen to Matthew mcconaughey. Well, hello there. I’m Matthew mcconaughey and tonight I’ll be reading the special sleep story called “Wonder.” No. Before we begin — You can legitimately say you’re going to sleep with Matthew mcconaughey, okay. But what I love about this, this isn’t just a bedtime story, these are based on cognitive behavioral therapy. It will lull you to sleep. You’re already getting sleepy. I can see that, yeah. Okay, so not only does it have these bedtime stories. It also has meditation. Offers meditation guided and nonguided. I know you all love meditation and choose between those, but this is cool too. Breathing exercises. Breathe in. Hold. And breathe out. We’re getting our zen on this morning. And meditation has proven you sleep better and Dan Harris has a great app, 10% happier if you download that. One thing that’s important you wake up at the right time. All right? Where that’s where — Not 3:15. No, you got to wake up at the right time. I know that’s early and brings us to sleep cycle. George, what time do you wake up? 2:30. What? George wakes up at 2:30. Okay, so, George, I’ll go — I don’t know what just happened to this app but, okay, what you want to do is you’re going to set it and go to — you want to wake up at 2:30. That’s what it will do and give you a 30-minute increment and wake you up during that light sleep so, George, you might wake up at 2:17 but that will be more beneficial than waking up at 2:30 and take the phone and put it face down on the nightstand and the microphone in the phone will listen to your breathing and track your movement and it’ll help you get a better night sleep. How about that? Are you guys lulled to sleep? I don’t know. I don’t know that I want an app recording me sleeping. It’s just recording the microphone. She made me think my daughter — she says she listens to my audio book at fight because it’s so boring — Whatever works. Whatever works for you. Thank you, Paula. Happy sleeping. Appreciate that very much.

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