Homeless People And Their Dogs Can Find Shelter From The Cold At Bucktown Business

Chicago News

Chicago (CBS) — Some homeless people would rather sleep out in the cold than leave their dogs behind. It’s one of the main reasons it can be difficult to get them to stay in shelters.

Leah Bindig knows this and wanted to help.

She owns Aeslin Pup Hub in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood and said she has a lot of extra space. So, she’s inviting people without a warm place to sleep to spend the night at Aeslin with their pets.

People have donated hot meals, pet products, sleeping bags and winter clothing to give to anyone with a dog who needs help.

“I thought, ‘who do I need to do this, who do I have to call? And let’s make this happen’,” Bindig said. “Because this weather’s ridiculous and nobody at all – not one human being or dog – should be sleeping overnight without help.”

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